Pure Dominion Ministries is a training and outreach ministry that equips individuals and families to discover and pursue their God-given purpose. We were all created to be leaders in our area of gifting. When we worship our God and abide in His Word our purpose becomes clear. BECOME an Ambassador of Christ.  IDENTIFY passion populations for service. OPERATE in the foundational ministry of reconciliation with exposure to hands-on opportunities. The messages of Christ and His Kingdom will cause your personal relationship with God to flourish. Your passion for discipleship evangelism will cultivate long lasting relationships to meet the spiritual and natural needs within the community. Through unconditional love and service, members will CONNECT with God’s Purpose, GROW from God’s Perspective and REACH Those in Need.

THE GATHERING PLACE is the facility where all of the ministry empowerment services and community initiatives are housed. As of January 2016, it was established to restore families, equip leaders and reclaim communities. Located at 10603 Two Notch Road, Ste. B, Elgin, South Carolina 29045,(3 minutes from Sandhill Village). EMPOWERMENT SERVICES on Sundays and “EQUIPPING FOR LIFE” Bible Study on Wednesdays are held weekly.  Individual purposes are discovered and corporate missions are executed as we pursue the will of God with the love and dominion Christ has given.

Equipping youth and young adult males ages 7-17 and 18-24 in understanding and surpassing the 21st century rites of passage. Rooted in proven principles of integrity, healthy relationships, and professional and personal growth, we use a holistic approach to increase the opportunities for individual, family and community change in the lives of young men. We also stress the importance of success that comes through collaboration to build a sense of community and to introduce and explore the concepts of conflict resolution. The PD facilitators navigate participants through the paths of self-discovery to assist them in finding the best ways to offer their gifts to others for personal and professional satisfaction and to change the world around them as they succeed.

Destiny U Sessions are uniquely designed group empowerment experiences for ladies 21 and older to awaken their gifts for greatness. Using proven faith-based principles to educate, inspire and motivate women to create and implement strategies for personal success, mastering skill sets for professional development and acquiring sustainability in an ever-changing environment. The creating of support systems is a key factor in the sessions to increase lasting change through non-judgmental accountability. Sessions are held in South Carolina and Georgia for all women from various backgrounds from business executives to women in shelters with the common goal of becoming the women they were created to be: disconnecting from past failures and discovering their destiny.

The Leadership Institute trains participants in how to authentically prosper in the field that they are called to. Participants will increase their exposure in the identified field, learn to apply knowledge more effectively and accomplish their individual and corporate vision. As a result, participants will be trained to empower others to pursue leadership and purposeful connections. The Institute navigates the passion of participants to cultivate long-lasting relationships necessary to be fruitful within their realm of influence. They learn how to identify and balance their values, strengths and purpose within their work in order to impact the world around them.